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my mom is going into detox today but she’s gonna do great

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I’m so thankful our species evolved to suck so much. We are such a destructive force. Yes people do good things, and boy do I love those people, but they do the good things they do in order to fix the damage our ancestors created. And I bet in our generation there will be people who do some serious damage that our children will have to fix and it’s like,when will we stop fucking up? We need a worldwide, unshakeable, movement to change the way things are. We need to live side by side and love each other, respect each other and all life. There are so many intelligent minds in this world, so many compassionate people who know things have to change everywhere. Not just in the United States, not just Africa, not just Korea, or Israel, or China. It’s everywhere! There is corruption, disease, war, deforestation, the melting of the ice caps, seemingly endless hunger and poverty and countless other terrible things going on every day, and the reason all of these things exist is so easy to name it’s laughable; greed. We are selfish. Everything we’ve done, we’ve done to make things easier on ourselves. To change the way things are, we need to be willing to change our routine, we need to be willing to sacrifice our luxuries in order to help someone else survive, we need to love each other, I cannot stress that enough. The media makes it seem like humanity is lost and everyone is horrible and only bad things happen, and we all sit at home watching the news griping and worrying about the way things are. Well if we all feel that way, why can’t we ALL join a movement to change it? It’s not like we don’t have the manpower. It’s not like we’re ALL these horrible people we see on the news. Yet that is what dominates, and makes us feel powerless and defeated. We are not powerless, we are the people, this is our world and we don’t like the way things are. So why don’t we just do something, why don’t we try?

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I love how in tune animals are with the world and each other and even humans, who have strayed so far from the natural order of things. Imagine living in a world where animal lives were as sacred as our own, where people were spiritual and caring and understood that nature is important and what makes this planet beautiful, not all of the crap we dumped on it. I wish we were a people who were more in tune with the environment. How cool would it be to be able to go live in the wilderness as a nomad, like the Native Americans. To have such a strong bond with everyone and everything around you. Let’s just imagine what life would be like if things were that way, that would be pretty fucking sweet.

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I eat like once a day I don’t mean to but it’s a serious problem because I’m up right now fantasizing about the turkey bacon sub I’m gonna eat tomorrow

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My name is Misery.
I will greet you in the form of a friendly face,
Maybe a handshake or a smile,
A handsome boy,
A beautiful girl.
I will meet you in the night as fleeting kisses,
I will pay for your dinner or your cab fare,
I will make your heart swell with hope,
But do not forget that I am Misery,
And I will let you down.
I will tear you up.
I will drag my untrimmed claws across your bare skinned chest.
I will open it and remove your heart
Which I will lock away to leave you raw,
And empty.
I am Misery.
I have no conscious, I feel no love.
I don’t allow happiness, not here.
I am Misery.
I will break you,
I will beat sorrow into your brain,
I am Misery.
Your hate nourishes me.
I am Misery,
I am Misery.

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Buddy appreciation post because I love my dog more than I love myself, my family, my friends, and the whole world combined

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Bought another new piece today idk idc

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picked up some cool new pieces today

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I always want to talk to people about my feelings but I never know if they care enough about me to talk about their feelings so I never do. In other news I went into a strip club to use the bathroom today

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I have been so sad lately I dunno I feel worthless and ugly and unwanted I feel like everything I do is wrong and I just want to sleep and cry and be high all the time. I want to be happy and I don’t want to be alone and I really miss my dog and I want to fall asleep but I can’t and I’m miserable and I don’t know why.